Diafani, Karpathos

Karpathos is the second largest island of the Dodecanese. Geographically, it is between Crete and Rodes in the middle of the Karpathian sea. It is considered one of the most beautiful greek islands and has been featured many times in National Geographic for its unbelieveble beaches and its local inhabitants who preserve the local traditions and authentic costumes. The village of Olympos has many times been refered to as a ''gateway to the past'' persicly for the above reasons.

Historically it has been inhabited in the Neolithic times. It functioned as an ediange port between Crete and Africa, and was developed during the Bronze age.The island was setteled with Minonians and only later did the Mycenean take control, roughly at the 14th century. Olympos is situated in the northern part of Karpathos. It is named after the ''house'' of the Ancient gods, due to the large mountains in the mainland. The architectural structure of this village is quite unique, it was created as a front to protect against sea attacts from pirates, with stone houses and lovely alleys. Also one should visit the windmills that decorate the mountain side, one of which is fully operable and still producing flour. An extraordinary experience for visitors to witness.

Diafani is the second port of the island. A fisherman village that is famous for its hospitality and its friendly inhabitants. The lovely beaches, one of many on the island has small pebbles and lovely coastline. From this picturesque beach one can take the excursion boat and go to other famous beaches such as saint Minas, Agnontia, Capi, Vananta, Saria, Tristomo. Furthermore there are lovely traditions resturants where one can taste local cuisine and fresh fish.

Saria is the nothern most part of the island, which is agricultural in nature it is also the area where one can easily spot the Medediranian seal also known as Monachus Monachus. Furthermore, in regard to wildlife one can often spot dolphins, and the notorious seahawks that can liturally plunge to grasp the fish which is primary food sourse.Ancient Vrykous one of the historic citys of Karpathos that was at the peek during the 5th centure BC. Sporadically ,you can find remains of houses dating back to the 3rd century BC,Olympos and Diafani are also known for they’re festivals. The two most famous are Saint Johns on the (29-30 Aug) and Panagias on the (14-15 Aug), where native and foreiners travel from Greece and worldwide to partisipate.They usually last for two days, the inhabitants are dresseed with local costumes and are accompanied by the local musical organs that are the lyra, laouto, and the tsabouna. Also Saint Pandelemona on the (26-27 July) and Saint Zaharias on the (4-5 Sept).


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